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Fix typo on ContactsValidator class name
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labilbe committed May 21, 2014
1 parent 4d92e36 commit b156f5a13cff10d399a8400888ecf76834f469c8
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@@ -615,9 +615,9 @@ As seen from the implementation, the above service uses ServiceStack's built-in
Normally the Service implementation will be called as-is but as we've added the FluentValidation `ValidationFeature` plugin and there exists a validator for `CreateContact` below:

public class CotntactsValidator : AbstractValidator<CreateContact>
public class ContactsValidator : AbstractValidator<CreateContact>
public CotntactsValidator()
public ContactsValidator()
RuleFor(x => x.Name).NotEmpty().WithMessage("A Name is what's needed.");
RuleFor(x => x.Email).NotEmpty().EmailAddress();

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