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Live ServiceStack Demos

Live Demos of ServiceStack Apps, for .NET Core Live demos go to and Sharp Apps.

Java Chat client utilizing Server Events for real-time notifications and enabling seamless OAuth Sign In's using Facebook, Twitter and Google's native SDKs:

Using TypeScript ServerEvents Client to create real-time Web, node.js server and React Native Mobile Apps:

Gistlyn is a C# Gist IDE for creating, running and sharing stand-alone, executable C# snippets.

Live Demo:


Example of building a Swift Console App using Swift's Package Manager which leverages ServiceStack's Swift Client support and its Swift v3 SwiftClient Package to call Web Services.

Hello World example of running a ServiceStack Self Hosted Service inside Microsoft's Service Fabric platform

Xamarin.Forms TechStacks App for both iOS and Android, sharing UI and ServiceStack C# Client code:

YouTube video:


Redis GEO is a simple example showing how to make use of Redis 3.2.0 new GEO capabilities:

Live Demo:


React Chat is a port of ServiceStack Chat ES5, jQuery Server Events demo into a TypeScript, React and Redux App:

Developed using the latest TypeScript + Redux + JSPM + Gulp VS.NET Template

Xamarin.Android Chat utilizes the .NET PCL Server Events Client to create an Android Chat App connecting to the existing Server Events back-end where it's able to communicate with existing Ajax clients and other connected Android Chat Apps.

YouTube Video and AndroidXamarinChat Repo

The example shows you can enable a rich integrated experiences by translating the existing commands into an native Android notifications. It also shows how to use Xamarin.Auth to authenticate with ServiceStack using Twitter Auth.

A network-enhanced version of the stand-alone Time Traveller Shape Creator that allows users to connect to and watch other users using the App in real-time similar to how users can use Remote Desktop to watch another computer's screen:

The client code required to enable real-time communication is encapsulated within a single React Connect component whilst the server implementation is only comprised of 2 simple Server Event Services that lets users publish their actions to a channel or send a direct message to another User.

This is a port of the original Java TechStacks Android App to a native Android App written in Kotlin to showcase the responsiveness and easy-of-use and productivity of leveraging Kotlin Add ServiceStack Reference in Android Projects.

AWS Apps

AWS Apps showcases the ease developing AWS-powered solutions with ServiceStack with 6 existing Live Demos rewritten to use a pure AWS managed backend:

AWS Apps leverages the following AWS back-end technologies:

Redis React is a simple user-friendly UI for browsing data in Redis servers that leverages the navigation and deep-linking benefits of a Web-based UI, the productivity and responsiveness of the React framework and deep Integration possible from a Native App.

Downloads for Windows, OSX, Linux and Web

A port of React Chat built with the new React Desktop Apps VS.NET template and packaged into a native Desktop App for Windows and OSX. It takes advantage of Server Events to enable synchronized real-time control of multiple Windows Apps:

Downloads for Windows, OSX, Linux and Web

React Desktop Apps take advantage of the adaptability, navigation and deep-linking benefits of a Web-based UI, the productivity and responsiveness of the React framework, the performance, rich features and functionality contained in ServiceStack and the .NET Framework combined with the native experience and OS Integration possible from a Native Desktop App - all within a single VS .NET template!

React Desktop Apps

Downloads for Windows, OSX, Linux and Web

To demonstrate Java Native Types in action we've ported the Swift TechStacks iOS App to a native Java Android App to showcase the responsiveness and easy-of-use of leveraging Java Add ServiceStack Reference in Android Projects.

Downloaded for free from the Google Play Store


AutoQuery Viewer is a native iPad App that provides an automatic UI for browsing, inspecting and querying any publicly accessible ServiceStack AutoQuery Service from an iPad.

AutoQuery Viewer on AppStore

The TechStacks Native iOS App provides a fluid and responsive experience for browsing content on iPhones and iPad devices. It takes advantage of the ease-of-use and utility of ServiceStack's new support for Swift and XCode for quickly building services-rich iOS Apps. Get it now free on the AppStore!

TechStacks on AppStore


TechStacks OSX Desktop App is built around 2 AutoQuery Services showing how much querying functionality AutoQuery Services provides for free and how easy they are to call with ServiceStack's new support for Swift and XCode.

TechStack Desktop Search Fields

TechStacks is an AngularJS App that lets you explore TechStacks of popular StartUps using your favorite techology



TechStacks is based on a Bootstrap template with client-side features:

  • HTML5 Routing to enable pretty urls, also supports full page reloads and back button support
  • Same Services supporting both human-readable Slugs or int primary keys
  • Responsive design supporting iPad Landscape and Portrait modes
  • Preloading and background data fetching to reduce flicker and maximize responsiveness
  • Disqus commenting system
  • Chosen for UX-friendly multi combo boxes

and some of TechStacks back-end features include:

Feature rich Single Page Chat App, showcasing Server Events support in 170 lines of JavaScript!


Upload Apache HTTP Benchmarks to visualize, analyze and export their results. Includes Integration with Glimpe, DotNetOpenAuth, FineUploader, DotNetZip and Highcharts.js.


Guidance on creating ServiceStack App from Scratch utilizing RabbitMQ support for Emails


Simple demo showcasing integration and authentication with ServiceStack from ASP.NET MVC


AngularJS Single Page App leveraging AutoQuery in <50 lines of JavaScript + 1 AutoQuery DTO


Imgur-like App to resize uploaded images in all iOS Resolutions in <30 lines of JavaScript + 1 ServiceStack ImageService


Backbone.js Todo App powered by a C# Redis Client back-end


Showcase of ServiceStack's unified HTTP Stack with Razor support, embedded Markdown Razor Views, Controller-less Razor Pages, Cascading Layout templates, Smart View Pages, Flexible Layouts


Backbone.js-based Single Page Twitter Client App built integrating with ASP.NET MVC and showcasing multiple Auth Providers enabled in a Single App


Google Closure Admin UI and typed backend services API for redis-server operations


GitHub-like browser with complete remote file management over REST APIs in 1 page of jQuery and 1 FileService.cs


Mini StackOverflow Single Page App built using just ServiceStack + Redis


Northwind database viewer, showing how to easily expose read and cached view services of an internal dataset with ServiceStack + OrmLite


A Content Heavy Ajax site using built just using Markdown Razor


We're also developing single-purpose applications showcasing single use-cases at:

  • Custom Authentication and Integration with ASP.NET
  • Custom Authentication and Integration with ASP.NET MVC
  • Multi Hello World- Different ways to say Hello, with built-in Content-Types, text, html and generating a dynamic image
  • Reusability - showcasing how you can re-use the same services inside MQ hosts to provide instant response times and transparent parallel execution
  • Poco Power - Showing how you can re-use the same POCOs in all ServiceStack client libraries. From maintaing complex types in Web.config to creating DB tables with OrmLite to calling 3rd Party twitter and GitHub REST APIs and storing and retrieving them in RDBMS and Redis
  • NodeStackProxy - Use node.js as a front-end proxy to a backend ServiceStack instance on Windows and OSX/Linux
  • Swagger Hello World - Simple service with Swagger integration and features enabled
  • WebApi Products Example - Showcase the differences rewriting WebApi products into a ServiceStack service

Different working starting templates for popular configurations of ServiceStack:

Many of these Starter template are included in ServiceStackVS VS.NET Extension.


Live Demos of ServiceStack Apps






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