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using System.Collections.Generic;
using Amazon;
using Amazon.DynamoDBv2;
using Amazon.S3;
using Funq;
using ServiceStack;
using ServiceStack.Aws.DynamoDb;
using ServiceStack.Aws.S3;
using ServiceStack.Formats;
using ServiceStack.IO;
using ServiceStack.Razor;
namespace RazorRockstars.S3
public class AppHost : AppHostBase
public AppHost() : base("S3 RazorRockstars", typeof(RockstarsService).Assembly) { }
public override void Configure(Container container)
//RockstarsService is powered by PocoDynamo and DynamoDB
container.Register<IPocoDynamo>(c => new PocoDynamo(AwsConfig.CreateAmazonDynamoDb()));
//Add S3 Bucket as lowest priority Virtual Path Provider
//All Razor Views, Markdown Content, imgs, js, css, etc are being served from an S3 Bucket
var s3Client = new AmazonS3Client(AwsConfig.AwsAccessKey, AwsConfig.AwsSecretKey, RegionEndpoint.USEast1);
VirtualFiles = new S3VirtualFiles(s3Client, AwsConfig.S3BucketName);
//Register and Create Missing DynamoDB Tables
var db = container.Resolve<IPocoDynamo>();
//Insert Rockstar POCOs in DynamoDB
Plugins.Add(new RazorFormat());
Plugins.Add(new MarkdownFormat());
//Uncomment to check LastModified in S3 for changes and recompile Razor + Markdown pages if needed
//GetPlugin<MarkdownFormat>().CheckLastModifiedForChanges = true;
//Plugins.Add(new RazorFormat { CheckLastModifiedForChanges = true });
public override List<IVirtualPathProvider> GetVirtualFileSources()
var pathProviders = base.GetVirtualFileSources();
return pathProviders;