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@model SearchRockstars
Layout = "SimpleLayout";
ViewBag.Title = "Page with typed 'Rockstars' model and no C# controller";
var rockstars = base.Gateway.Send(new SearchRockstars { Age = Model.Age }).Results;
var title = Model.Age.HasValue ? "{0} year old rockstars".Fmt(Model.Age) : "All Rockstars";
<div id="content-page">
@Html.Partial("OtherPages", null)
@foreach (var rockstar in rockstars) {
<li><a href="@rockstar.Url">@rockstar.LastName, @rockstar.FirstName</a> (<a href="?Age=@rockstar.Age">@rockstar.Age</a>)</li>
<p><a href="?">Show all Rockstars</a></p>
<h2>Razor View</h2>
<script src=""></script>