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using System.Linq;
using ServiceStack;
using ServiceStack.Auth;
using SocialBootstrapApi.Logic;
using SocialBootstrapApi.Models;
namespace SocialBootstrapApi.ServiceInterface
public abstract class AppServiceBase : Service
public CustomUserSession UserSession => SessionAs<CustomUserSession>();
public ITwitterGateway TwitterGateway { get; set; } //Injected in IOC as defined in AppHost
private ITwitterGateway authGateway;
public ITwitterGateway AuthTwitterGateway
if (authGateway != null)
return authGateway;
var authProvider = (TwitterAuthProvider)AuthenticateService.GetAuthProviders().First(x => x is TwitterAuthProvider);
var oAuthTokens = UserSession.GetAuthTokens(TwitterAuthProvider.Name);
return authGateway = TwitterGateway.CreateAuthroizedGateway(authProvider, oAuthTokens?.AccessToken, oAuthTokens?.AccessTokenSecret);