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# [Redis Vue](
## [Redis Vue](
Redis Vue is a simple, lightweight, versatile Redis Admin UI developed using [Vue]( and [ServiceStack .NET Core Web Apps]( It supports Redis's core **Strings**, **Lists**, **Sets**, **Sorted Sets** and **Hash** data structures and custom Redis commands with its entire functionality contained in a single [/app/index.html]( using the dynamic [ServiceStack Templates]( language, making it easy to customize and further enhance.
### [Live Demo]( -
#### Download for Windows, OSX and Linux
### [Download for Windows, OSX and Linux](
# [Redis React](
#### Install
Run as a Desktop App (Windows only):
$ dotnet tool install -g app
$ app install redis
$ cd redis && app
Run as a .NET Core Web App (Windows, macOS, Linux):
$ dotnet tool install -g web
$ web install redis
$ cd redis && web
> Requires [.NET Core 2.1](
## [Redis React](
Redis React is a simple user-friendly UI for browsing data in Redis servers that leverages the navigation and deep-linking
benefits of a Web-based UI, the productivity and responsiveness of the [React framework](

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