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GoogleMaps component for Servoy clients

Getting started

To use the svyGoogleMaps modules download the file extract the .servoy files and import them into your workspace. To use the GoogleMaps component add the svyGoogleMaps module to the active solution; the googleMaps will render inside a tabless panel placed on yuor form. Use the Map constructor from the svyGoogleMaps scope to load the map into the tabless panel:

var map = new gmaps.Map(elements.tabless, {zoom: 8, center: new gmaps.LatLng(-34.397, 150.644)})

To use the latest source code clone the git repository and checkout the develop branch. Install the egit plugin for Eclipse to clone the repository and import the projects into the workspace.


On Smart Clients the GoogleMaps component requires the JFXPanel Bean which is available since Servoy 7.2 or higher. For more details about the JFXPanel look at the Servoy docs


See the Wiki for the available documentation

Feature Requests & Bugs

Found a bug or would like to see a new feature implemented? Raise an issue in the Issue Tracker


Eager to fix a bug or introduce a new feature? Clone the repository and issue a pull request


svyGoogleMaps is licensed under MIT