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The svyLookup module provides a UX pattern for quickly finding and returning a record. It is similar to a type-ahead field, but allows for an extended UI, searching and data-binding.

This module provides an out-of-the-box grid implementation, but is also extensible to allow for other UI types

This quick screencast shows the example


Example Look-Up

Example Usage

It takes just a few lines of code to configure and show a robust lookup component. The selected record can be handled in a callback.

Show Lookup

       // create lookup object
	var lookupObj = scopes.svyLookup.createLookup(datasources.db.example_data.products.getDataSource());
	// add fields
	// related data is supported
	// Valuelists and non-searchable fields supported
	// formatted, non-searchable field example
	// show pop-up
	var component = elements.productID;
	var initialValue = application.getValueListDisplayValue(elements.productID.getValueListName(),selectedProductID);

Handle selection in callback

	function onSelect(record){
			selectedProductID = record.productid
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