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Text Blast - React Native


This project is a cross-platform mobile app allowing users to blast their friends with purchasable packs of MMS messages.


This is a react-native mobile client that talks to a nodejs backend.

There is an analogous ionic mobile client for directly comparing Ionic and React Native on a simple, real-world app.


  • persist categories

  • fix category-list issue where loading and isRefreshing can both be true

  • cache categories and top-level images in-app

  • https://github.com/akiran/react-slick

  • lightbox message previews (react-native-lightbox)

  • JTSImageViewController

  • fix some of the quirks with giftedform


App Store

Text Blast lets you bombard your friends with packs of themed GIF text messages! Choose from over 200 themes including weed, Doanald Trump, Game of Thrones, 80s, cats, puppies, trippy, soccer, and more.

Have a friend you want to annoy? Choose from several message pack tiers and customize how often we send texts (immediate blitz, every 15 minutes, hour, or day).

Inspired by Goat Attack, Cat Attack, Pugaday, etc.


MIT. Copyright (c) 2016 Sesh.