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EMCLI is an acronym for Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface. Enterprise Manager is an Oracle product for monitoring and managing enterprise applications.

EMCLI has most of the capabilities as its graphics-based counter-part but has the added benefit of being much faster and easily automated.

This folder will contain custom scripts that I have developed or stolen and modified from others.

Before release 3 of Enterprise Manager 12c, emcli was a non-interactive interface. Because of this fact, a scripting language must be used on top of EMCLI to automate tasks. For the most part, I have used bash because it is familiar to most people, always readily available in Linux environments and I am pretty good at it.

With release 3 of EM12c, EMCLI is now not only interactive, it uses the mature Python language as the interpreter. Specifically, it uses the Java implementation called Jython.

Up until recently, all of my scripts were written in bash. But, any future scripts will be written in Python to both eliminate the extra interpreter and to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time; learn Python.

These scripts are 100% public and available for anyone to use, modify, laugh at or contribute to. If you have any ideas or questions, drop me a line.

  • Seth