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Q : Is the installation safe ? Does it collect any data ?

A : Yes the installation is safe, there's nothing to worry about ! Forumactif Edge collects no data during or after the installation. We're completely transparent, if you have any doubts feel free to review our source code or contact us by opening a new issue and we'll answer your questions !

Q : Why is the founder the only person allowed to install and update Forumactif Edge ?

A : Forumactif only allows the forum Founder to edit the forum templates, so this can pose a major problem if a normal admin tried to install Forumactif Edge ; only a portion of it would be installed. Co-Administrators can however use the control panel, but they're limited to the configuration section.

Q : Is there only one theme for Forumactif Edge ?

A : No, Forumactif Edge has both a dark and light theme, PLUS 100+ different primary colors that you can choose from. You can easily change the forum theme via Colors or Theme Management !

Q : Why isn't Forumactif Edge in my language ?

A : Translations are submitted by the community -- people like yourself who are reading this right now -- which means if Forumactif Edge is not available in your language, you can help us translate it ! If a translation is not yet available for your language please click here to learn how to submit one.

Q : Is Forumactif Edge an official project of Forumotion ?

A : No, we are not officially affiliated with Forumactif or their parent company. Forumactif Edge is built by the community of Forumotion !

Q : Is this theme REALLY free ?

A : Yes it's 100% free, no strings attached ! Seth -- the founder of the FAE Project -- wanted to create a modern and responsive theme for Forumotion, because the current forum versions provided are dated and not mobile friendly. Forumactif Edge is the answer if you want a modern, mobile friendly design !

Q : Why does the FAE Control Panel say I have to log in to my Admin Panel before I can use it ? Is it trying to steal my password ?

A : No, Forumactif Edge will NOT steal your password. This error message only occurs on forums with the security option "Confirm password to administration access" enabled. If you have not logged into your admin panel, this message will appear. It asks you to log in, because the FAE Control Panel needs access to the Admin Panel, otherwise it cannot install, uninstall, update, or do anything for that matter.

Q : Can I remove the links "Forumactif Edge vX.X.X" and "Submit Feedback" from the footer ?

A : Yes, you're free to modify this theme as you see fit ! However, keeping a link to this repository in your footer helps support this project and shows courtesy to the developers. It is your choice if you want to support our work or not. :wink:

Q : How do I show the default mobile version provided by Forumotion ?

A : Please see this article for enabling the default mobile version.

Q : How do I disable the widget side menu ?

A : Please see this article if you want to show the widgets in their default state.

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