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Here we will walk you through installing Forumactif Edge. Please note that to install FAE you MUST be logged into the foundation account on your forum, because the install requires founder-level access to the admin panel. If you're already logged into your founder account you're ready to go !

Before proceeding, if you have any questions or concerns about installing Forumactif Edge, please know that we're willing to answer any questions you may have about the installation. To ask your question please open a new issue and we'll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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  1. Backing up your personal files
  2. Setting up the control panel
  3. Installing Forumactif Edge
  4. Additional control panel tools

Backing up your personal files

Forumactif Edge starts fresh as to avoid errors in installation, so this means your current theme, templates, and JavaScripts will be lost. Before installing Forumactif Edge it's recommended that you backup the following content files on your computer in case you want to go back to your old theme or retrieve personal files for transfer into Forumactif Edge.

1. CSS

Location : Admin Panel > Display > Colors > CSS stylesheet

Backup Method : Copy contents and save to text pad. CSS will be overwritten with the Forumactif Edge minified stylesheet.

2. JavaScript

Location : Admin Panel > Modules > JavaScript codes management

Backup Method : Edit the scripts you want to backup and copy their contents to a text pad. ( Make a text file for each script ) All JavaScripts will be deleted to prevent errors due to incompatibilities with the forum version.

3. Templates

Location : Admin Panel > Display > Templates

Backup Method : Save any edited templates to a text pad that you want to keep. These will be overwritten later on in the installation.

4. Images

Location : Admin Panel > Display > Pics Management > Advanced

Backup Method : Download and save OR copy the link of any images that you want to keep. All images will be replaced with Forumactif Edge's default image set during installation.

Setting up the control panel

Once you've backed up all the files you want to keep or transfer to FAE, it's time to install the control panel. Forumactif Edge uses its own control panel to automatically install all the necessary files on your forum from this Github Repository. You can also uninstall the theme, or check for updates on github using this very same control panel. To install the FAE Control Panel you need to go to the following path in your Admin Panel :

Admin Panel > Modules > HTML Pages Management > Create in advanced mode (HTML)

Fill in the form as follows : (See Image)

Title : Forumactif Edge Control Panel

Do you wish to use your forum header and footer ? : Yes

Use this page as homepage ? : No

Page Content : Last but not least you need to copy the contents from installer.html and paste them as this new HTML page's page content.

Once you've completed these steps click the submit button and proceed to the next section.

Installing Forumactif Edge

Now that you have the FAE Control Panel installed, you can begin the installation process for Forumactif Edge. To get to the control panel click the small eyeball icon on your newly created HTML page. Once you're in your control panel, you should see an install button and Install Options. These options can always be changed after installation, but take a look over the Install Options section before installing, so that you can customize how Forumactif Edge is installed.

After you're finished looking over the install options, click the "Install" button to begin the installation process. You should be met with a secondary confirmation message ; this will be your last chance to go back and backup any files you want to keep. If you backed up everything you wanted to, click the "Ok" button to begin the installation, otherwise click "Cancel" if you have unfinished business to clean up before installing FAE.

After clicking "Ok" all you need to do is sit back, maybe grab a snack, and watch the installation process unfold. Once the installation reaches 100% you have successfully installed Forumactif Edge ! Congratulations and welcome to a NEW look for Forumotion !

*Not actual installation speed

Additional Control Panel Tools

Once the installation has completed, the full functionality of the FAE Control Panel will be available. For more information on the tools offered by the Control Panel, visit the guide or click on the link that interests you below.

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