Suggestions and Feedback

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Do you have suggestions or feedback for Forumactif Edge? You can let us know by opening a new issue by clicking here. You may need to create github account if you don't already have one.

See this article for more information on how Github issues work.



Do you have a suggestion for a new feature for Forumactif Edge or maybe an improvement to an existing one ? If so, Awesome ! See the guidelines below for submitting a suggestion.

  • When submitting a suggestion, make sure to write a detailed explanation for your suggestion. This will help not only us, but other members using Edge understand what you're suggesting.
  • This is not necessary, but it's recommended that you also include a poll in your suggestion so that the community can vote. The more votes a suggestion has, the more likely it may be implemented !


Do you want to give feedback on Forumactif Edge so that we can improve it ? If so, that's cool too ! See the guidelines below for submitting feedback.

  • When submitting feedback please make sure to include as much information as possible. The more detailed and sound your feedback is, the more likely it is we'll understand and consider it.
  • Is your feedback a bug ? If so, please provide the following technical info in your report :
    • URL of your forum.
    • Screenshot of the bug, if possible.
    • Version of Forumactif Edge ( visible on the footer )
    • Steps to reproduce the bug, if possible.
    • A detailed explanation.
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