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Forumactif Edge provides you with both a dark and light theme, along with a plethora of colors to choose from, giving you the ability to truly personalize your forum. This page showcases Forumactif Edge's themes and their features, if you need help with theme management please see this page.

Light and Dark

Choose from a professional light theme, or a sophisticated dark theme. Two designs to match any taste!

Click the links below to preview both themes.

  • Edge Light comes in blue and white to give a clean spacious feeling. (Default)
  • Edge Dark comes in red and black to make things feel more warm and easy on the eyes.

Hundreds of Different Colors

Choose from hundreds of different colors or create your own.

Forumactif Edge allows you to choose from a huge list of colors for both the Dark and Light themes, giving you hundreds of different combinations. If none of the existing colors appeal to you, you can create your own custom theme color instead!

You can see the full list of colors here : FAE Theme Colors


Import an editable stylesheet and personalize it however you like. Plus all edited templates are at your finger tips!

By default, Forumactif Edge installs a minified stylesheet. If you want to edit the default stylesheet of Forumactif Edge, all you need to do is go to Theme Management, click "No" for "Minify Stylesheet", and then click import to import the theme. After the import is finish, go to your Admin Panel's stylesheet and the CSS will be editable! You can also grab the unminified version of each theme from here.

Aside from the stylesheet, you're also free to edit the forum templates however you wish. You can look over the whole list of default templates for Forumactif Edge here. Everything is completely customizable, the only limit is your imagination!


Themes support a right-to-left version, which makes Forumactif Edge a perfect choice for rtl scripts.

If you're using an RTL written language on your forum, make sure to import and RTL theme. To do this, go to Theme Management, click "Yes" for "Right-to-left", and then import the theme. Once the theme is imported, your forum should now be displaying content written from Right-to-Left!

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