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Once Forumactif Edge has been installed, the ability to translate the contents of FAE becomes available.

General Use

Forumactif Edge's default install language is English, so if you want to translate FAE to another language you can use this option to do so. To change the language of Forumactif Edge, choose your desired language from the drop down and click "Change language". A prompt will come up asking if you want to change the language of Forumactif Edge ; If you click "Ok" the translating process will begin, clicking "Cancel" will abort the translation.

The translation process translates elements of Forumactif Edge only. The content translated is as follows :

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Images
  • Some modified templates

Why isn't X language available ?

Forumactif Edge is managed by the community, so the abundance of translations depends on YOU. You can view all available translations for Forumactif Edge in the lang folder. If you want, you can also contribute translations of your own ! To do just that, please see the two methods of contributing below.

Contributing on Github

If you have a Github account you can contribute directly to the repository. Simply make a copy of this file and translate it to the language of your choice. Please however, read the following points :

You will see texts similar to this in the English.js file :

  css : {
    offline : 'HORS LIGNE',
    online : 'EN LIGNE'
  1. To the left of the colon ( "offline" for example ) is the translation alias.
  2. To the right of the colon ( 'HORS LIGNE' for example ) is the translated text.

Point number 2 is where you translate the texts for Forumactif Edge. DO NOT translate point number 1 because it is used to identify what the translation is for.

Lastly when using apostrophes ( or single quotes : ' ) in your translation, be sure to escape them with the escape character : \

So you get this : 'It\'s' instead of this : 'It's'.

We'll review your translation before sending it live, but please make sure to follow these rules as to avoid errors.

Translating Images

We use a few images in Forumactif Edge, so you will also need to translate them as well. You can download Forumactif Edge's PSD set here. It mostly includes images with translatable text. If you need assistance with translating the images you can also open an issue to request help. Please however, make sure to include the translations for each button.

Translating our Web Page

Our Web Page showcases Forumactif Edge's finest points and is used to tell people like yourself what FAE has to offer. Providing this page in different languages will help us spread the word of Forumactif Edge even further. If you would like to help us translate our web page into other languages, then please follow the steps below.

  1. Open this link in a new tab to use our translation tool.
  2. Use the "Translations" column to begin translating the web page, and use the preview on the right to see how things will look. (See example)
  3. When you're done translating ( or just need a break ) copy the translated web page code from the big textarea and save it to a text document. You can paste your code back into this textarea, and click the "Update Translation" button to start off where you last left off.
  4. When you're finished translating the web page, let us know by opening a topic on our forum here, with the following information.

The title of your topic can be "FAE Web Page - {LANGUAGE} Translation" where {LANGUAGE} is the language you translated the web page into. The topic content should include the translated web page code, and any other information you want to include. When you're finished submit the topic, and wait patiently for a response from one of our developers.

Translating our Wiki

Visit the following link for information on translating our wiki.

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