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Forumactif Messenger

Forumactif Messenger (or "FAM" for short) is a JavaScript plugin that integrates with Forumotion forums to enable real time messaging in topics in a minimal design to make the experience more engaging. Some other features include..

  • Real time navigation and messaging.
  • Sound notification for messages.
  • Tabs for having multiple chats opened at once.
  • GIF Search and other attachment options.
  • Community submitted themes selector.
  • Multiple supported languages.
  • Fullscreen window display.
  • Update and Configuration manager.
  • Live Searching, and more...

Forumactif Messenger is optimized to work on all major forum versions for Forumotion, so long as your forum's templates aren't heavily modified.


The best way to understand how something works is to try it out for yourself. If you want to try out a live demo of Forumactif Messenger before installing it on your forum, you can do so by visiting our demo on Demoactif. Click the link below to give Forumactif Messenger a try !

How to Install

Installing Forumactif Messenger is super easy ! Visit the link below to learn how to install Forumactif Messenger on your Forumotion forum !

How to Contribute and Improve Forumactif Messenger

Forumactif Messenger is open source, so anyone can help build and improve it !

  • Got a suggestion, have feedback, or find a bug ? Let us know on FM Design OR on Github by opening a new issue !
  • Are you a developer with a passion for creating Open Source technology and want to improve Forumotion ? Fork the repo on Github and help out with development. See our to do list or contact me to discuss development if you have any queries.

For more information about contributing please see the following pages.