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Forumactif Messenger allows you to configure it the way you want. There's two ways to configure Forumactif Messenger :

  1. Directly by editing the script in Admin Panel > Modules > JS Codes management
  2. Use the Admin Configuration page in FAM. This can be accessed via Settings > Admin Config

There's a handful of configuration options and this page will go over each one. Use the list below to quickly jump to an option.

Quick Navigation


The chat_page config option determines the initial page that's loaded into Forumactif Messenger. By default this option is an empty string '' which loads the forums and categories on the main index. You can change this option to load a category, forum, or topic. See the examples below.

category : chat_page : '/c1-my-first-category'

forum : chat_page : '/f1-my-first-forum'

topic : chat_page : '/t1-my-first-topic'

Generally speaking, all you need to do is copy the URL of the page you want to load and paste it as the value for this option. For example, say I want to load the topics of into Forumactif Messenger. I'll place this link as it's value and voilà, the topics are loaded in !

chat_page : ''

Note : The URL must link to either a category, forum, or topic. Anything else may cause an error.


The chat_permission config option determines who can see and use Forumactif Messenger. This option is set to 'all' by default, which means guests, members, and staff can all use the chat. Change the value of this option if you want to show Forumactif Messenger to only a certain group of users.

Below is a list of all possible permission values.

chat_permission : all

Setting the permission value to 'all' makes the chat visible to guests, members, and staff.

chat_permission : 'all'

chat_permission : member

Setting the permission value to 'member' makes the chat visible to members and staff. Guests will not be able to see or use the chat.

chat_permission : 'member'

chat_permission : staff

Setting the permission value to 'staff' makes the chat visible to staff members exclusively. That means only moderators and admins will be able to see and use the chat.

chat_permission : 'staff'


The main_title config option changes the initial title of FAM. By default it's set as "Select a Group" and changes when you navigate to a forum or topic. If there's nowhere to navigate this title remains the same. Change the main_title to "My awesome chatbox" to get a feel for how it works.


embed is a slightly advanced option that allows you to embed FAM into a container on your forum. It takes any type of CSS selector, so paste the CSS selector of the element that you want FAM to be inside.. body or #page-body for example. If you want to embed the chat on your homepage, place the following HTML in the homepage message. (Admin Panel > Display > Generalities > Homepage Message)

<div id="FAM-embed-box"></div>

Then set the value of embed like so..

embed : '#FAM-embed-box'

You'll want to change the placement of the script to in the homepage if you're using this method.

You can of course place the HTML tag given in this example anywhere you want ; it's not limited to the homepage message.


The update_channel config option lets you choose where you receive updates for Forumactif Messenger from. By default this option is set to 'production' which delivers a stable production ready build of Forumactif Messenger. If you want to beta test new features before they're ready, you can change this option's value to 'developer' which will connect you to the Developer Channel.

update_channel : 'developer'

Please note that the developer version of Forumactif Messenger may be unstable and subject to bugs. If you find any bugs please make sure to report them and specify what update_channel you're connected to. Also you MUST perform an "update" or "sync" via the about page to get the latest production or developer build of Forumactif Messenger.


The tabs config option allows you to enable and disable the tabs in Forumactif Messenger. Set this option to false if you don't want or don't need to use the tabs.

tabs : false

The tabs are mainly for if you have multiple chat topics and forums, and want to keep them open in different tabs so you can quickly jump to them. If you're only using one chat topic as the chat_page then this option is best set to false.


The initial_tabs config option allows you to load additional tabs on start up. So instead of only starting with 1 tab, you can start with 3, 4, or even 5. This option is a tad advance as it requires you to create tabs using the FAM history object syntax, but here's an example snippet to make it easy.

  url : '',
  title : ''

Make sure to fill in url with the URL of the category, forum, or topic you want to load, and fill in title with the title you want to give this tab.

Once you have filled in these two fields, paste your tab code inside initial_tabs so it looks like the example below.

initial_tabs : [
    url : '',
    title : 'General Discussion'

After you have done this, save the script and clear your browser cache to see if your new tab is available on start up. Clearing your browser cache is required, because you need to delete your saved tab history to see the start up (or "initial") tabs.

Repeat the steps above to include multiple start up tabs. Just make sure to paste you tabs after each other like in the example below.

initial_tabs : [
    url : '',
    title : 'General Discussion'

    url : '',
    title : 'Games'

    url : '',
    title : 'Introductions'

Custom Tab Content

Aside from loading pages you can also create custom tab content using HTML. The syntax for creating a custom HTML tab looks like this.

  html : '',
  title : 'Custom HTML Tab'

It's useful in instances where you want to create a tab that has unique content. For example, say you wanted to import the default Forumotion chatbox into Forumactif Messenger via a tab. We can use a custom html tab to do just that!

  html : '<iframe id="FAM-chatbox" src="/chatbox/"></iframe><style type="text/css">#FAM-content{position:relative}#FAM-chatbox{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;border:none}</style>',
  title : 'Chatbox'

Once applied to the initial_tabs array, our custom HTML tab will be available.


The refresh config option determines how often Forumactif Messenger checks for new messages and changes (i.e. edits) to existing messages. By default, FAM checks for new messages every 7500 milliseconds. (7.5 seconds) It can be increased or decreased, however, it cannot be lower than 3000 milliseconds. (3 seconds) This rate-limit is set in place so that Forumotion's servers do not get overwhelmed with hundreds of requests per second.

This is how it would look if we set the refresh rate to 5 seconds :

refresh : 5000


The timeout config option specifies how long Forumactif Messenger will remain active in chats while the user is inactive (not typing, using mouse, etc..). By default, after 10 minutes (10*60*1000 milliseconds) of inactivity Forumactif Messenger will stop checking for new messages until the user has become active again.

You can increase or decrease the timeout limit, however, it can go no higher than 15 minutes (15*60*1000). This is how the maximum timeout limit will look :

timeout : 15*60*1000

This option is meant to help reduce the amount of requests sent to the server.


The flood_control config option limits the amount of messages you can send every few seconds. By default, you must wait 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds) after sending a message before you can send another. This option is set in place to prevent spam, but to also to correspond with the flood control security option on the forum. Sending too many messages at once in a small amount of time can cause an error message to appear that will ask if you want to resend your message, this occurs because the forum could not process your request due to the aforementioned security option.

If you find this option bothersome you can set it to 0, however, you may experience the issue mentioned above.

flood_control : 0

It's recommended that you leave this at 5 or 10 seconds, or set it to what flood control is set to on your forum : Admin Panel > General > Security > flood control. During the flood_control "timeout period" a bar to the left of the textarea will tick down. When this bar disappears completely, it means you can send your next message.


The max_attachments config option allows you to set a limit for message attachments. By default you can only include 10 attachments in your messages. If you want to decrease or increase this limit, simply modify the number. For example, say you want to only allow 1 attachment per message :

max_attachments : 1

Whenever the user tries to add more than 1 attachment they will be met with an error message.


The ignore_announcements config option allows you to hide or show announcement and sticky topics. Announcements and stickies are shown by default, so if you don't want to see them you can hide them by setting this option to true.

ignore_announcements : true


The ignore_firstpost config option allows you to hide or show the first post reminder in topics. The first post is hidden by default (except on the first page). Set this option to false if you want to show the first post reminder.

ignore_firstpost : false


The hide_menu_avatar config option lets you hide or show your avatar in the main menu. By default the user avatar will show in the menu, clicking the avatar takes the user to their profile. If you want to show the standard icon instead of the user avatar, change this option's value to true.

hide_menu_avatar : true

The result would be as follows.


The sound_notif_auto_enabled option lets the admin choose if the sound notification is enabled for all users on start up. By default this option is set to false which allows the user to decide if they want to receive sound notifications for messages via the settings page. If you want the sound notifications to be enabled by default, set this option to true.

sound_notif_auto_enabled : true


The sound_notif_file option lets the admin choose what sound is played when users receive a sound notification. The sound notification is set to zelda.mono.mp3 by default. You can change this file to any mp3 that you want to play when a new message is posted, such as future.mp3 for example.

sound_notif_file : ''

Here are a few other sound files that you can use, courtesy of Forumactif.

  • Future :
  • Hal :
  • Secret :
  • Zelda :


The no_avatar config option let's you change the default avatar for member's who do not have one, or in rare cases where the avatar cannot be retrieved. Feel free to change this image to whatever you like by replacing with a different image link.

no_avatar : ''


The no_name config options let's you change the default name for guests and rare cases where the username cannot be retrieved. The default value is 'Anon', feel free to change this to whatever you like.

no_name : 'Anon'


The lang config option is an object that contains various texts that display in Forumactif Messenger. This object allows you to change and translate the textual content of Forumactif Messenger to fit what you want, so feel free to edit any of the texts.


Note : Importing is only available via Admin Configuration.

Thanks to recent updates it's now possible to import language packs created by the community. To import a language pack go to Settings > Admin Config > Language > Import Language, then select your language, click the arrow button, and finally confirm the action to import the language pack.

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the config page and click Update Configuration to save your changes !


Note : Exporting is only available via Admin Configuration.

Thanks to recent updates it's now possible to export your language data for Forumactif Messenger. This option was introduced to help make saving, sharing, and contributing translations easier for the community. To export your language data go to Settings > Admin Config > Language, scroll to the very bottom of your language data and click the Export Language Data button.

When its done exporting, a textarea will show up with your language data in JSON format. You can then save, share, or contribute this data to help make Forumactif Messenger available in more languages. See "Contributing a Translation" if you're interested in contributing a translation to Forumactif Messenger.

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