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Welcome to the help page for PS4 Cover Generator! Here you'll find helpful information and tutorials for using PS4 Cover Generator. Click a link in the list below to jump to the desired section.

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Interactive Tutorial

We offer an interactive tutorial which teaches you how to use PS4 Cover Generator step-by-step. If you're new and/or don't have much experience with photo editing software, we highly recommend that you go through the tutorial by clicking here!

Video Demonstration

If you're looking for a quick demonstration to see how PS4 Cover Generator works, feel free to check out this video. It shows you how to create a quick and simple banner for your profile.

How to Use Images Not on PS4 Cover Generator

PS4 Cover Generator mainly hosts optimized images for ease-of-use on PS4; however, you can also use images that are hosted on other websites, IF they allow hot-linking. We personally recommend, but you can use any image hosting website, really. We'll walk you through the steps of finding and using images from imgur.

Step 1: Searching

First things first, go to your favorite search engine, such as or just press up on the d-pad and make your way to the search bar. Now, type KEYWORDS and replace KEYWORDS with what you want to find, such as Persona, Uncharted, and so on.. It doesn't need to be one word; it can be multiple words.

In the example, I'm searching for Persona related images, so I typed persona and pressed enter (R2) to perform my search. I suggest clicking the images tab so you can see the image results for your search. Once you find an image you like, click on it to go to the album on imgur.

Step 2: Getting the Direct Image Link

Once you're in the imgur album, find the image you want to use. When you've found the image, hover your cursor over it and hold X to open the image in a new tab.

Step 3: Copying the Image Link

In the new tab, press up on the d-pad and hit X on the URL bar to open the keyboard. Go to the three dots "•••" and click them to open the context menu. From this menu, choose "Select" or "Select All" to select the entire URL.

Once you've selected the entire URL (press X if necessary), choose "Copy" from the context menu to copy the image URL.

Step 4: Using the Image on PS4 Cover Generator

Now that you've got your image link, go back to PS4 Cover Generator and add a new image. When the image selector pops up, just hit the "Close" button in the top right corner to close it. Once you've closed the image selector, go to the input area in the selected layer settings (the big thing next to the magnifying glass) and press X to open the keyboard.

From the keyboard, click the three dots again "•••" and choose "Paste" from the context menu to paste your image link.

...and voila! You can now use the image you copied before!

Since these images may not be optimized for PS4 Cover Generator you'll just have to adjust the scale or height and width so it fits, and then you'll be ready to go!

Now get up, get out there, and make some banners!

How do I Add a Cover Image to my Profile?

To change or add a cover image to your profile, go to your profile on your PS4, click the dots "•••", and select "Change Cover Image."

If you already have a cover image, just select "Change Cover Image" to change your current cover image.

This will take you to select a screenshot. If your screen shot was taken on PS4 Cover Generator it'll be in the "Other" folder, if it was a screen shot from a game it'll be in that game's respective folder. Select whichever folder your screen shot is in.

Once you're in the folder, just select whatever image you want to set as your profile banner.

Once you've selected your image, you'll have to adjust it to fit your profile.

Last but not least, select the color of your profile and you're done !

Where is my Cover Image Saved?

You may have noticed the save button in the toolbox that saves your cover image every 15 seconds or when you click it. The question is: where is your cover image saved? Your cover image is saved to localStorage, basically it's saved to your browser cache. If you clear your cache, you'll lose the progress you've made on your cover image. So if you ever clear your browser cache, make sure that you're finished working on your current cover image!

Where is the Change Log?

Updates to PS4 Cover Generator are posted on the forum and our PSN Community. The forum will contain more detailed information since there are no limitations.

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