PSOBB addon that adds a database full of information on MAGs to the main addon menu.
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MAG Database

PSOBB MAG Database

This addon provides you with a database full of information on MAGs, such as feeding charts, evolution conditions, and more.


  1. Install the addon plugin for PSOBB.
  2. Download this repository by clicking here.
  3. Drag and drop the MAG Database addon into the /addons directory in your PSOBB folder.

How to Use

MAG Database doesn't open automatically since it's a reference resource that you open when you need it. To open the MAG Database :

  1. Press the ` key to open the main addon menu.
  2. Select MAG Database from the menu to open the database.

After this you can select a mag from the drop down and narrow down the list by using the filters.



The information in this database may not be 100% complete or accurate. If you want to help improve it, please feel free to :

  • Open a new issue to let me know what information should be added or modified.
  • Open a new pull request to merge your changes with this repository.

Any help you're willing to offer is greatly appreciated !

Change Log


  • Fixed some incorrect mag names.


  • Added activation rates for mag triggers.
  • Filled in remaining mag trigger information that was marked "UNKNOWN." All mag triggers should be filled in now. If any are incorrect or missing let me know and I'll fix them.
  • Fixed incorrect information for some mag triggers.
  • Fixed more typos.


  • Added additional information to mag cell descriptions.
  • Fixed various typos.


  • Added missing ability information for mag cells. There are still some unknowns, however, this update should fill in a large portion of previously unknown data.


  • Added mag colors to the unevolved mag page.


  • Fixed typo of the Bluefull section id. (Bluefall --> Bluefull)