PSOBB addon that displays the total Meseta you're carrying.
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Meseta Count

PSOBB Meseta Count

This addon displays the Meseta you're currently carrying along with an option to set a goal amount.


  1. Install the addon plugin for PSOBB.
  2. Download this repository by clicking here.
  3. Drag and drop the Meseta Count addon into the /addons directory in your PSOBB folder.


Basic display and configuration

Gaining and Losing Meseta

When you gain or lose Meseta it'll be shown next to the Meseta count. This display can be toggled on or off with the Show Gains and Losses config option. It is enabled by default.

(default animation)

(optional slide animation)

Extra Notes

Meseta Icon

The closest ASCII character that I found which almost looks like a Diamond (or Meseta) is ALT+7 : "", the bullet character. You can use this character as an alternative to the dollar sign in the Meseta Label configuration option, if you want something that closely resembles Meseta.

Change Log


  • Added Gains and Losses indicator. For example : picking up 100 meseta will show +100, and buying an item worth 500 will show -500. This can be toggled in the configuration. You may need to increase the width of the Meseta Count window to about 180 if you're currently using this addon.
  • Added Show Placeholder configuration option. This will let you turn the placeholder that shows when your Meseta isn't available on or off.
  • Added support for Solybum's Theme Editor addon.
  • Cleaned up and organized the configuration menu, added collapsible groups, tooltips, and made minor optimizations to some options.
  • Changed the default state of Colorize Text on new installations to be disabled by default.
  • Removed percentage value displaying on the progress bar. That wasn't supposed to be there.
  • Fixed Font Scale affecting the title bar.


  • Added High Contrast Color option to configuration. You can choose to enable this option when Colorize Text is disabled.
  • Added digit grouping configuration option to make reading the Meseta value easier. (100000 --> 100,000 when enabled)
  • Added Meseta label and label position configuration options. This'll let you change the display from "N Meseta" to "Meseta: N" or "$N" and so on.
  • Added position and size options to configuration.
  • Added height and width options for the progress bar.
  • Added progress bar to placeholder.
  • Added tooltip to Meseta count and progress bar. The tooltip will show your CURRENT_MESETA/GOAL_MESETA.
  • Fixed window width and height not being maintained.


  • Fixed not being able to resize the window.


  • Fixed incorrect Meseta value displaying when the player was the 2nd, 3rd, etc.. player in the lobby. (thanks to soly and staphen for helping me find the correct index)


  • Added Meseta Goal progress bar to help visualize how close you are to your goal. The bar will turn green when you've hit your goal.
  • Added Colorize Text so the user can choose between the standard white text or colored text.
  • Fixed initial window height and width.
  • Increased initial Meseta goal from 1,000 to 100,000.