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openFrameworks addon for the Intel RealSense SDK and hardware
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Update 2: A new version of ofxRSSDK is live. I'm going to leave this one up for folks who might have stuff in flight, but you should definitely follow ofxRSSDKv2, which is where further development is going to take place. Apologies for the convoluted-ness

This Project IS NOT DEAD! I Apologize for the lack of updates, work's been a bear lately and sadly I don't get as much time to devote to community projects as I'd like. Change Is Coming! ...and to that I should add they'll probably be BREAKING changes, since I want to bring the interfaces for both the ofx addon and the Cinderblock into some sort of line.


openFrameworks addon for the Intel RealSense SDK and hardware, based off of ofxKinect and ofxBase3DVideo by Theo Watson.

Currently Supported:

  • Color Stream
  • Depth Stream
  • Depth-to-Camera Mapping

Priority List

  • Code::Blocks support
  • R200 support

This should be considered experimental and unfinished until some sort of official v1.0-ish announcement. Expect to see parity with the current RealSense SDK (non-experimental features only). If there's a specific feature you need right away, please let me know.

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