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gismo: Git In Slow-Motion

This project is an attempt to help elucidate what is involved conceptually
behind the scenes in the execution of common git commands. What configuration
settings are consulted? What objects are created? What are the interactions
with remotes? How does git do what it does?

The challenge here is to walk the fine line between overwhelming with _too_
much detail and not providing enough information to enable the reader to
independently reason out solutions from first principles. Many books and
tutorials provide a good foundation for the basics, but eventually the
descriptions of commands involve an increasing amount of hand-waving. Git In
Slow-Motion is an attempt to slow down and analyze some of these steps in
greater detail. It is meant as a supplementary source of information, not a
primary one.

Initial topic candidates:

- tracking branches
- git branch
- git merge
- git rebase
- git add -i
- git pull
- git fetch

Another aspect of this project is to facilitate development of good git habits
in a safe, directed way through a series of pedagogically contrived exercises
accompanied by the materials necessary to do them (i.e. a git repository with
all of the necessary branches and commits). These exercises ought to aid in
teaching git by providing first-hand practical experience of repository
manipulation together with guided inspection of the results.

Initial walkthrough candidates:

- git rebase -i
  - teasing apart monolithic commits into logically independent commits
  - recognizing and squashing commits that benefit from consolidation
  - reordering and fixup-ing multiple whitespace-related commits
- using rebase to avoid superfluous merge commits
- recognizing when a rebase would be problematic