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"2.1 (created: 2009/05/21 13:13:06)
silent colorscheme araxia
set activate=downloads,help,tabopen,homepage,extoptions,bookmarks,addons
" set activate-=paste,diverted,links
set editor="~/bin/vimperator +<line> <file>"
set guioptions=BMNs
set hinttimeout=500
set incfind
set hlfind
set maxitems=20
set newtab=all
set runtimepath=~/.pentadactyl
set novisualbell
set hintinputs+=name
set wildmode=list:longest,full
set hintkeys=1234567890
set passunknown=base
" set wildoptions=auto,sort
"" Experimental
" set passkeys=...
" set noinsertmode
" set showstatuslinks=command
" set wildignore=...
" set hintkeys=asdfghjkl;
set jsdebugger
set strictfocus=*:moderate
set verbose=0
" don't show autocomplete list until <Tab>
set autocomplete=
" Show statusbar in fullscreen mode
autocmd Fullscreen .* :js document.getElementById("status-bar").setAttribute("moz-collapsed", false)
" Keybinding fixes
map <C-A-f> -modes=n,v,i,t,c -ex emenu Tools.HttpFox.Toggle HttpFox
map <M-m> -modes=n,v,i,t,c -ex emenu Window.Zoom
map <C-c> -modes=n,v,i,t,c <Esc>
map <CR> -modes=t <Esc><CR>
map <BS> <Nop>
map <C-l> -modes=n,v,i,t,c -ex set nohlfind | echo "Reset"
map <M-o> -ex open ~/
map <C-e> -ex feedkeys! a -keyword=
map <M-d> -ex feedkeys! a -tags=
map <M-b> :bmarks -tags=
map <S-M-b> :bmarks! -T=
command yinfo yank document.title.replace(/ - Pentadactyl$/,'') + ' ' + content.location.href;
map <C-y>y -ex yinfo | feedkeys! <CR><CR>:echo "Yanked page information."<CR>
map <C-y>t -js alert("This is an example of calling javascript from a map.");
map <C-w>J -ex feedkeys! gTgt:tabm 1<CR><C-6>
" map <M-y> :js inputHintMode();<CR>:echo ""<CR>
" Note: Move tab forward, then back (<C-S-[>, <C-S-]>) to recover from dreaded "---EMBED---" lock.
"map <C-A-z> normal "f5gT<A-d>d"
" Background for blank page
style -n black-about-blank chrome://* xul|browser { background-color: black; }
" RSS Icon
style -n feed-on chrome://* #feed-button:not([disabled="true"]) { background-color: rgba(250,130,0, 1) !important; }
style -n feed-off chrome://* #feed-button:not([disabled="true"]):hover { background-color: rgba(255,170,0, 1) !important; border-color: rgba(250,130,0,.6) !important; }
" New Hintmode `;e` for form elements only.
set extendedhinttags&
set extendedhinttags+=[e]:input:not([type=hidden]),textarea,button,select
" Form fields only hint mode
javascript <<EOF
if (!hints.modes["e"]){
hints.addMode("e", "Focus form fields", function (elem) { buffer.followLink(elem, dactyl.CURRENT_TAB); });
" Add profilename to statusbar
javascript <<EOF
(function() {
var profilename = document.createElement("label");
profilename.setAttribute("id", "profilename");
profilename.setAttribute("class", "plain");
profilename.setAttribute("value", " [" + config.profileName + "]");
profilename.setAttribute("style", "padding: 0px 5px; max-height: 16px;");
.insertBefore(profilename, document.getElementById("dactyl-statusline-field-zoomlevel").nextSibling);
" Add RSS icon to statusbar
" Requires `:dia customizetoolbar` and adding the RSS icon manually first
javascript <<EOF
var feedPanel = document.createElement("statusbarpanel");
feedPanel.setAttribute("id", "feed-panel-clone");
feedPanel.firstChild.setAttribute("style", "padding: 0; max-height: 16px;");
.insertBefore(feedPanel, document.getElementById("security-button"));
" Add favicon to statusbar
javascript <<EOF
(function() {
var faviconPanel = document.createElement("faviconpanel");
faviconPanel.setAttribute("id", "favicon-panel-clone");
faviconPanel.firstChild.setAttribute("style", "padding: 0; max-height: 16px;");
document.getElementById("status-bar").insertBefore(faviconPanel, document.getElementById("security-button"));
" Set accesskey to alt
javascript prefs.set("ui.key.generalAccessKey", 18);
" `:rehash` to reload
" vim:ft=pentadactyl:
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