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2010-10-28 Seth Robertson <>
* v0.2.4 release
* git-what-branch: Add --first-parent and --first-parent-simple options
to allow more easy programmatic detection of failure if a commit was
not made directly on any named branch and programmatic parse of output.
* Exit with errors if things go wrong or at least not as the user
probably desired (e.g. commit has not merged with a named branch, etc)
* Bugfix: Prevent duplicate refs from being researched multiple times.
Prevent first-parent outputs from being discussed again during
merge-path output if --all is used.
* Bugfix: If multiple commits are listed for research, do not have subsequent
commits inherit bad or duplicate information from previous commits.
2010-10-12 Seth Robertson <>
* git-what-branch: Handle case when you run git-what-branch when
you are not on a branch (no branch).
2010-09-23 Seth Robertson <>
* v0.2.1 release
* Make output shorter and better aligned
* Massive speedup when many targets need to be searched (Thanks Artur Skawina)
* Allow auto-target specification --branches, --allbranches, --tags, --allref
* Allow --reference to be comma separated list of target references
* Delete outdated --reference-branch documentation
* Delete extended help (RTFM)
* Use better(?) ref->name conversion
* Correct sorting if multiple commits of interest are specified for searching