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C Libraries Collection from Panos Tsirigotis

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CLC is the acronym for my C Libraries Collection, a group of general
purpose C libraries. The following is a short description of what each
library does. Please read the man pages for more information.

dict  :  support for various types of data structures, including double
         linked lists, hash tables and binary search trees (which can also
         be balanced using the red-black balancing algorithms). The data
         structures support operations for insertion/deletion/location of
         an object, as well as operations for finding the minimum/maximum
         object and for enumeration of all objects.

fsma  :  support for quick memory allocation/deallocation of fixed size

misc  :  a collection of generic functions including management of
         environment variables, a tree walk function to replace ftw(3),
         functions to get the basename/dirname of a pathname etc.

pq    :  an implementation of priority queues using heaps.

pset  :  support for pointer sets, implemented as dynamic pointer arrays.

sio   :  supports fast stream I/O, optionally using memory mapping for input
         if the operating system supports it.

str   :  this library contains 4 types of functions: string matching
         functions (offering the Boyer-Moore, Knuth-Morris-Pratt,
         Rabin-Karp, and Shift-Or algorithms), string printing functions
         (similar to sprintf), string parsing functions, and string
         utility functions (convert a string to upper/lower case etc).

timer :  support for multiple timers by multiplexing the timers provided
         by the operating system.

xlog  :  this library provides logging objects which can be connected
         either to syslog or to a file. Objects connected to files
         may be customized to not exceed a certain file size.

The INSTALL file contains information on how to install any or all
of these libraries.

Please send comments/bug-reports to

	-- Panos Tsirigotis, Nov. 26, 1993 --

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