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Chrome extension that grabs your playstation purchase list and formats it as json data. For use with importing into a games database like Playnite to search your games easily.

I wanted a list of all my Playstation games and couldn't find a way to do that so I wrote this crappy web scaper that pulls the info directly from my Sony account via a Chrome extension.

It puts the data into a text box as a json format string so you can cut and paste it as needed.

Example output:

  "games": [
      "title": "Judgment",
      "Size": "30.75GB",
      "PurchaseDate": "7/4/2019",
      "Platforms": [
      "productID": "UP0177-CUSA13186_00-JUDGMENTRYUGAENG"
      "title": "Borderlands: The Handsome Collection",
      "Size": "28.64GB",
      "PurchaseDate": "7/4/2019",
      "Platforms": [
      "productID": "UP1001-CUSA01401_00-BORDERLANDSHDCOL"
    }, ... and so on

How to use it in

  • clone the repo or use the Download zip option and unzip the directory ( PSGameDataScraper-master ) somewhere.
  • Enter chrome://extensions into your chrome URL bar
  • Enable Developer mode option in the top right
  • Click "Load unpacked" in the top left, and choose the PSGameDataScraper-master directory.
  • You should now see the extension installed. Click on its little PS and follow the instructions it gives

Security warning: After using it, go back to chrome://extensions and remove it, and disable developer mode. Normally you should never install an extension like this for security reasons, but I assume you would here because you know me or have looked at the source code!


I probably won't work on this anymore but here are some issues/problems with it for anybody who wanted to use it as a starting point

  • It asks for too many privileges, it should only need Sony's website. I tried doing that, but it then no longer gives the "This is the wrong website" warning when you use it on the wrong webpage with how I currently do it
  • Instead of using alert() to show progress it should have a nice status window while working
  • It's very likely to break given the methods it uses to parse data, web scraping in general sucks, but I don't know another way to get this info
  • Should also be gathering data from online trophies, this method could detect more games that you own. Current method doesn't know about games you've played via real disc

Some more info in this forum thread:


Chrome extension that grabs your playstation purchase list and formats it as json data.




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