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Proton SDK

For tutorials and more info, visit The Proton SDK wiki

License: BSD style with attribution required

Seth's GL/GLES messy multi-platform C++ game SDK. Can output to Windows, Linux (including the Raspberry Pi), HTML5, OS X, iOS, Android

A component based toolbox of useful things built up over the last ten years. Instead of a giant .lib you link only the .cpp files used when possible to simplify multiplatform support as well as keep code size down.

It's kind of an SDL-like on steroids (while also being able to target SDL2 for setup/input/audio itself when needed) but generally gets the best results with its own native implementations of things. For example, it can target the following audio subsystems: SDL2_mixer, Audiere, FMOD, FMODStudio, Native iOS, Native Android, Denshion, Native Flash

It's designed with a "Write stuff in Windows with Visual Studio 2017, then compile/export to other platforms as needed" mentality.

Deprecated platforms no longer actively supported: Flash, BBX, WebOS

Some things written with Proton:

  • Growtopia - 2D MMO, a good example of using Proton's GUI for many screen sizes.
  • Dungeon Scroll - A word game. (HTML5 version)
  • Dink Smallwood - Good example of porting old code to Proton to add touch controls and multiplatform support. Open source. HTML5 version
  • Mind Wall - 3D puzzle game
  • Tanked - 3D multiplayer tank combat game including four player split screen support as well as internet match making.
  • Arduboy Simulator - Allows you to write and debug Arduboy apps with MSVC as well as output HTML5 playable versions (included with Proton SDK) HTML5 Example game

Credits and links

Want to contribute?

Feel free to submit a pull request! At this point the goal is that all changes be non-breaking to existing projects.


Proton SDK: Seth's GL/GLES messy multi-platform C++ game SDK. Can output to Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux (Raspbian too), HTML5, Flash




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