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What is it?

Example code for “Lenses: Fields as Values”, my intro talk on functional lenses in Scala. Includes code for hand-rolled lenses as well as automatically generated ones using Shapeless and Rillit.

It's 2015 now. Is this still current?

Yes and no.

Yes because the talk is still a good introduction to what lenses are. I wouldn't change anything about the standalone lens code.

No because the details about third party libraries are now obsolete. Shapeless has changed a lot, Rillit seems abandoned, and lots of competition has sprung up such as the actively maintained Monocle and Quicklens. (There's also Sauron, which at 50 lines of source looks like a good learning tool.)

When & where was the talk given?

  • June 2013 at Scala Days (details)
  • January 2013 for Chicago-Area Scala Enthusiasts (details)
  • November 2012 for Boston Scala Enthusiasts (details)
  • July 2012 at Scalathon in Philadelphia

Unlike earlier versions, the June 2013 version includes coverage of the lens generator Rillit.

How to run

% git clone
% cd lens-examples
% ./sbt
> test
> console


Google docs link (June 2013 version)


June 2013 version (June 2013 version; 45 minutes; audio and slides only, no video of me)

November 2012 version (November 2012 version; 65 minutes)


public domain

To the extent possible under law, Seth Tisue has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the contents of This work is published from the United States of America.