Shell script to setup Raspberry Pi (TM) with RetroArch emulator and various cores
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General Usage

Shell script to setup Raspberry Pi (TM) with several emulators, various cores, and EmulationStation as graphical front end.

This script is tested with the Raspbian distribution, but users have reported that it also works with RaspBMC. Before using the script, please make sure that you have run the raspi-config script to extend your root file system and that your memory split is set to 192 or 128. You can run the script with

sudo raspi-config

To run the RetroPie Setup Script make sure that your APT repositories are up-to-date and that Git and the dialog package are installed:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install -y git dialog

Then you can download the latest RetroPie setup script with

git clone --depth=0 git://

The script is executed with

cd RetroPie-Setup
chmod +x
sudo ./

Optional arguments can be passed to the script. If called with

sudo ./

the installation directory is /home/CURRENTUSER/RetroPie for the current user, where CURRENTUSER is the home directory of the current user. If called with

sudo ./ USERNAME

the installation directory is /home/USERNAME/RetroPie for user USERNAME. If called with


the installation directory is ABSPATH for user USERNAME.

Note that you might need to reboot your Raspberry, if your firmware was updated during the installation process.

Binaries and Sources

RetroPie Setup offers the possibilities to only install RetroArch, the cores, EmulationStation, and SNESDev either with pre-compiles binaries or by downloading and compiling the sources. The first method is much faster, but does not offer the latest versions of the individual programs. So, to make sure that you are running the latest versions take your time and let RetroPie Setup download and compile the programs from their sources.

For more information visit the blog at or the repository at A forum thread about the RetroPie Setup script in the official Raspberry Pi forum can be found at


You can find useful information about several components or for several frequently asked questions in the wiki of the RetroPie Script. If you think that there is something missing you are invited to add it to the wiki.


This script just simplifies the usage of the great works of many other people that enjoy the spirit of retrogaming. Many thanks go to them!