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Coco2d-html5 and RequireJS integration
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requirejs 2.0.6
domReady plugin 2.0.1
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Cocos2d-html5 + require.js template project


The goal of this project is to integrate cocos2d-html5 and requirejs. RequireJS has the following advantages comparing to cocos's built in js loader:

  • lazy load of a modules at run time. Dependencies of each modules will be resolved automatically, developer doesn't need to list script files in right order.
  • built in optimization tool that allows to combine all modules in one single js file.

Bundled verions of a library

Currently the versions are following:

Additional helper scripts

Project also contains two helper utilities:

  • server.js - runs static HTTP server on 8888 port. Requires NodeJS;
  • - optimizes all JS and CSS files. Ready for deployment version of the app will be saved at ./build directory.
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