@SevenBits SevenBits released this Aug 9, 2013

Mac Linux USB Loader version 1.1 is mainly a bug fix release. Thanks to the many users who have taken the time to point out and report bugs, as well as suggest ideas for new features.

Here's a list of changes that are in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where Mac Linux USB Loader would crash after downloading a Linux distribution from the Download Distribution panel.
  • Fixed some issues regarding the progress bar in the installation window incorrectly reporting the file copy progress.
  • You can now close Mac Linux USB Loader's main window; clicking the Dock icon will bring it back.
  • Added an option on the main menu screen to "bless" a USB drive created with Mac Linux USB Loader, allowing it to boot up automatically on your Mac without having to press the Option/Alt key after the startup chimes to choose the drive.
  • Added a Firmware Options section in the Preferences window, allowing you to customize options and allowing you to choose which firmware to install.
  • Updated Spanish localizations of user interface elements.

My custom bootloader, Enterprise, did not make it in time for this release. I will be issuing an update when it is ready. There is an option in the Firmware Options panel to set Enterprise as the preferred bootloader, so you'll have your preferences all set when the final version does ship!