Bug Reporting Guidelines

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Thank you for choosing to report a bug in Mac Linux USB Loader. In order to ensure bug reports are clear, understandable, and purvey enough information to allow us to fix the bug as soon as possible, please consult the steps below:

  1. Please check the wiki and Mac Linux USB Loader’s website to verify that the issue has not yet been documented.
  2. Before filing a new report, make sure that a similar report has not been filed yet. You can check this here. If you find that your issue has already been reported, please add any new information to the report and re-open the ticket if appropriate.
  3. Bug reports must be reproducible, please include all steps taken to produce the bug. If it results in a crash, please file a crash report using Apple’s pop-up report form.
  4. You also need to include basic information, like operating system version, version of Mac Linux USB Loader you are using (including if you are using a stable, pre-release or custom/self-compiled build), and how many times this bug has occurred for you.

If the bug occurs with creating, configuring, or using Mac Linux USB Loader, file a bug report for Mac Linux USB Loader. If the bug occurs with booting the USB drive, file a bug report for Enterprise.

Please select the appropriate bug report option below:

Mac Linux USB Loader | Enterprise

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