Using Persistence with Mac Linux USB Loader

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Persistence currently can only be set up with Ubuntu-based distributions. These steps will not work for Kali Linux. To set up persistence on Kali Linux, please see the article on Kali’s Knowledge Base.

These steps require Mac Linux USB Loader 3.0 or later. Most users are using this version. If you are using an older version, or if you’d like to see how the process works behind the scenes, please see the old article. Note that it is outdated and will no longer be updated.

The Lowdown

Persistence is a cool feature of most Linux distributions. Before now, it's been restricted to just PC only in most cases. Not anymore! Enterprise, Mac Linux USB Loader's UEFI program that boots your USB, supports persistence.

Enabling persistence for USB drives in Mac Linux USB Loader is easy. Simply double-click the persistence setup option in the main screen and you will see the window:

persistence setup window

In the drop-down menu, select your USB drive. (It can’t have a space in its name, due to system limitations.) You’ll then be presented with more options:

persistence setup window with usb selected

Simply drag the slider to choose how much space you want. Note that large sizes may take a long time to make, depending on the speed of your USB drive. Then, click the button to create persistence. A drop down file selector should appear; make sure the name is casper-rw and the location is the root of the USB drive you selected.

After this, boot your USB drive. Enterprise will tell you that you have a persistence file and that you can enable persistence. To use it, go into the advanced boot options menu and press the key to indicate that you want to boot with persistence. You can see a screenshot of this screen below:

The Enterprise advanced options screen, with the option for persistence enabled.

Then, enable any other options that you want (if any) and then press 0 (zero) to boot your drive and it should all work correctly. Please note that you must toggle this option each time you wish to boot with persistence.

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