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ShinoBOT (Suite)

This repository is designated just for the binary, not for the source code.

For the detail go to

To download a file...

Latest Version

The latest ShinoBOT is generated by the web server dynamically.
Go to http://shinobot.com/downloads.php to get the latest polymorphic edition.

Old Version

  • go to the download directory
  • click the file name
  • click [Raw] button.

Version List


Version Call back URL Control Panel Note http[:]//mnd2015.info/ (Customizable) http://shinobot.com/ Black Hat Arsenal http[:]//*.mnd2015.info/ http://shinobot.com/ Black Hat Arsenal http[:]//*.shinobot.com/ http://shinobot.com/ http[:]//shinobot.com/ http://shinobot.com/ Black Hat Arsenal http[:]//shinobot.com/ http://shinobot.com/ http[:]//*.shinobot.com/ http://shinobot.com/old/ (Obsolete) Black Hat Arsenal http[:]// - http[:]//shinobot.mooo.com/ http://shinobot.com/old/ (Obsolete) Black Hat Arsenal

"*" in URL means random string.

ShinoBOT Suite

Version Note Black Hat Arsenal Black Hat Arsenal