The fastest and most advanced application for searching, navigating, and displaying shabads.
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Contains the standalone frontend and backend applications for ShabadOS, with an Electron wrapper.


The app folder contains the Electron wrapper, the backend Node application, and the frontend React application.

To install dependencies, run npm install, which will also install the dependencies for the frontend and backend.

To spin up the development servers, run npm run dev, which will launch a frontend server on https://localhost:3000, and a backend server on https://localhost:42425.

If you'd prefer to use docker-compose, docker-compose up will install the dependencies and spin up the backend and frontend.


Using create-react-app. Websockets for synchronising clients. API for search.


Using proposed ES+ modules with the esm shim module. Any changes to the backend when running using docker-compose, or npm run dev will result in the server restarting.

In development, the backend app runs on port 42425 by default and the frontend on port 3000.

Packaging with Electron

Windows? You must install windows-build-tools, by running npm install --global --production windows-build-tools --vs2015 in an administrator Powershell.

Run npm run pack to generate the binaries to test for your platform, and npm run dist to build an installer.

Electron-builder is used internally.

The backend will then run on port 42424.

Contributing Guidelines

We're happy to accept suggestions and pull requests!

This repository follows the Airbnb's Javascript Style Guide, with a few minor modifications. Notably, spaces should be included inside parentheses and brackets (weird, right!). An ESLint file is provided, and your code will automatically be checked on-commit for style. It is recommended to install an ESLint plugin for your editor (VS Code's ESLint plugin works out of the box), so you can receive linter suggestions as you type.

Create one feature per branch, preferably working against an issue. PRs will be squashed and merged when complete.

When writing commit messages, please follow the seven rules.