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A lexer/parser with action routines for compiling LL(k) and CLR(k) grammars
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shCompiler: Compiler library

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This library contains a lexer and a parser that accepts action routines and therefore can be used to compile input. The parser can be LL(k) or CLR(k).

This library started as an ambitious course project and over the years I have used it many times. It has gone a long way, including a major rewrite in C which was accompanied by many better choices of algorithms and general improvements. Many things about this library could be improved to make it more in line with many of the standard syntaxes (such as regexes), but that's a task for another day. I would also document it when I finalize my document generation program DocThis!.

About LL(k) and CLR(k) parsers, at the time I wrote this I had not completely learned them for k > 1. For k = 1, they are correct. For k > 1, each parser of k+1 is more powerful than of k, but it's not as powerful as the real LL(k) and CLR(k) parsers. However, I didn't go through the trouble of fixing it because I never had any need for k > 1.

Note that, with shCompiler you can parse ambiguous grammars too, so often CLR grammars can be parsed with an LL equivalent that has ambiguities (such as the famous if-else problem. See tests/test3/grammar/

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