ShadeBot is a simple Discord bot that does a alternative style of welcoming users, where they need to type a password in a room. As well as include other simple features!
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ShadeBot is a discord bot primarily made for the Hentai! server Discord! Its function is to welcome people using a special welcome room. When users join the server, they can only see #announcements #rules and #go-here-for-user-rank and they need to have a profile picture & type a specific password. In our case it's simply Hi. They will then be welcomed in the primary chat room.


- Install Required Programs -

Before you can download and setup the bot, there are 2 programs you need to have installed on your computer to make sure everything runs on first go:

- Download Project Files -

After you have the required programs installed, you can go ahead and download the project files. To do that, you either download the ZIP folder or do git clone if you are a console person. Once you finish downloading it you will be ready to setup the config files.

- Setup Config Files -

Once you download the project files you will see the configbot.json you'll need to fill it with how you would like ShadeBot to work. As well as the config file, there's the jsonStorage which will contain a few files which can be edited of it's content. However, all of them can be edited from within Discord.

< Windows >

Open the installer.bat file. This will install the required node modules (so you don’t have to do it yourself) and create a run.bat file. You can use this file to start the bot. If you did everything correctly, the bot should start up fine.

If for some reason you have ran installer.bat, it disapeared and it didnt create run.bat, then re-download installer.bat and try again. Most likely either git or node were not installed correctly. Check if they work and try again.

< Linux / Mac >

Executable files are kind of weird in linux, and users most likely use console to do their work. So, to setup this bot on linux or mac open a terminal in the directory you downloaded the files to and and either type ./ or if the script doesn't work manually type npm i.

Once it is finished you can start the bot by using the script that will keep restarting the bo if it crashes (if the installer worked correctly) otherwise try npm start or node self.js. If you did everything correctly, the bot should start up fine.

- Feautres -


Shadebot has a small Gambling system in it. Each day a user can come in and do #daily and can get 100 Shadebucks which can be used towards roulette and a luckydip game which can let them gain more Shadebucks!

Example of #daily

Events team points

The bot handles our events team points, allowing users to cash out for items such as Steam Credit, or Custom Roles / Commands.

Event team stuff

Self assign Roles

As on many servers you have a few roles which users can "self-assign". With Shadebot, there's a specific room which users can ask for a role and be provided with them.


Ban SA roles

"But I only want specific people, who have X role to gain this role", ShadeBot can do that!


Muting system

ShadeBot has a muting system that will add a specific role to a user to mute them and then will remove it at specific time. (Work in progress)


Removal of Discord Links

Don't want stupid Discord links

Discord Links

There's a many other things that ShadeBot can do!

Currently ShadeBot is made more for the Hentai server. However has a config file to be able to change how it works!