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documented splatt_mttkrp_ws
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ShadenSmith committed Apr 20, 2017
1 parent 618d9e5 commit e88dc099ed4079a2ba527cd461a08e3d2d05fa2f
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@@ -15,20 +15,55 @@

* @brief Workspace used during MTTKRP. This is allocated outside of MTTKRP
* kernels in order to avoid repeated overheads.
typedef struct
splatt_idx_t num_csf;
splatt_idx_t num_threads;
* CSF mapping information. We can have up to #modes CSF representations,
* so we need to map each mode of MTTKRP to the best option.

/** @brief How many CSF representations are available. */
splatt_idx_t num_csf;
/** @brief Mapping of modes -> CSF representations (which CSF to use). */
splatt_idx_t mode_csf_map[SPLATT_MAX_NMODES];
/** @brief The number of threads which will be used. */
splatt_idx_t num_threads;

* Partitioning information. If the CSF is tiled, we distribute tiles to
* threads. If the CSF is untiled, we distribute slices to threads.
* Partitioning is performed on a per-CSF basis, so we have one for each
* mode (the maximum number of CSF).
* In all cases, we rely on static partitioning via chains-on-chains
* partitioning.

/** @brief A thread partitioning of the tiles in each CSF. NULL if untiled.*/
splatt_idx_t * tile_partition[SPLATT_MAX_NMODES];
/** @brief A thread partitioning of the slices in each CSF. NULL if tiled. */
splatt_idx_t * tree_partition[SPLATT_MAX_NMODES];

/* Mode privatization to avoid synchronization */
double reduction_time;
* Privatization information. Privatizing a mode replicates the output matrix
* by each thread in order to avoid lock contention. This is useful when
* the tensor mode is short.

/** @brief Marks if a tensor mode is privatized. */
bool is_privatized[SPLATT_MAX_NMODES];
/** @brief The buffer used by each thread for privatization.
* privatize_buffer[thread_id] is large enough to process the largest
* privatized mode.
splatt_val_t * * privatize_buffer;

/** @brief The time spent on the latest privatized reduction.*/
double reduction_time;
} splatt_mttkrp_ws;

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