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Project support closed. Repository ( will stay as archive.
-New project: World of Warcraft Community Site ( Status: Beta.
+Armory core will be rewrited and updated in near future, stay tuned.
Takenbacon Mar 24, 2012 Contributor


WARNING: You must not remove and/or change any Blizzard's copyrights in any files and/or at the bottom of Armory pages!

11 comments on commit 5bdd9c1


Hi Shadez, I no longer see your project on the Cataclysm CS (blizzlike).
Have you deleted it or is moved?

Shadez commented on 5bdd9c1 Mar 22, 2012


ZuSe commented on 5bdd9c1 Mar 23, 2012

its nice to see u continue working on the armory :)


oh, but i'm already updating it :S


Are you going to make a large commit rewriting it, or just continue with the revisions? If so I'd like to start making pull requests with my fixes.

Shadez commented on 5bdd9c1 Mar 25, 2012

@Takenbacon, it will be a large update with non-compatible changes. New version will be based on my framework, so the whole app architecture will be changed.
You can pull requests with changes and I'll rewrite it to new version.

Vasago commented on 5bdd9c1 Jan 7, 2013

Anyone still updating this armory for newest core? I would like to help this system is working very well only some parts needs updating ... thank you for any help - my email is if anyone is interested to continue this project.


@Vasago I had the majority of this armory fixed on my private repo, i would of kept making pull requests but there seems to be a lack of interest for this armory, and Shadez seems to randomly disappear a lot. This armory however needs to be rebuilt from the ground up honestly, i logged the queries for one page load on the character-sheet (not including item tooltips), and there was some 350+ queries, which is totally unacceptable.

Vasago commented on 5bdd9c1 Jan 13, 2013

@Takenbacon will you share your work in armory? I can test something or do something in there ,,, maybe we can write @Shadez PM or email to work on this again :)


@Vasago I made a fork, maybe later tonight if I'm not busy ill work on it.


@Vasago: I made a fork here:
I'll start on some of the bugs here in a day or so, for now I'm still setting things up.
If you want you can start to make some bug reports and ill start off of that.

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