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memeplex commented Jul 9, 2014

Please, add it, it's a killer feature for a notetaking app.

Also enable asciimath, as it's friendlier for taking quick notes.

rnons commented Jul 9, 2014

Thank you for your interest in Mikidown, but I'm afraid I don't have enough time to implement new features.


@memeplex: I think I'll be able to do this while rnons' hands're full. It looks like that implementing it just needs the python-asciimathml module and including a link to the mathjax javascript (since Webkit doesn't support rendering MathML markup, so it won't show the fancy markup once the included markdown module's done processing the mathml stuff) somewhere in the output IF it can find the asciimathml module.

Would it be better if....

  1. The Mathjax script included in the output is downloaded into mikidown's configuration folder so it doesn't float around in multiple notebooks.
  2. The Mathjax script is downloaded in /path/to/notebook/js in case there're any edge cases like this again.
  3. The Mathjax script links to the CDN provided.
  4. The Mathjax script refers to some other local installation.

I'm personally leaning towards 3, 1, 4, and 2 (in approximately that order). You?


I agree with your ranking. 3 alone will be enough for most users, I think.


@memeplex : All righty. I've got it implemented while waiting for the pull request. It's a halfway between all of those options since it'll refer to the CDN by default, //but//, users can point the notebook to another MathJax script if they want to.


Commits 77dc635 and ef61279 fully implement mathjax + asciimathml support. The python 3 package for asciimathml's also been put into the AUR, so this issue's officially closed. Issue #33 has the details for enabling asciimathml in your existing mikidown folder.

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