A set of useful utilities for Objective-J, including BlankSlate and DelegateProxy.
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OJUtils is a set of utilities for Objective-J that I happen to find useful for my development. They are listed below.


In essence, the BlankSlate class provided herein is the minimum strictly required to have a fully functional Objective-J class. This is particularly useful if you want to assemble a class based on forwardInvocation: that needs to clash with as few methods as possible (e.g., a class that proxies method calls to another object).

The next version of Objective-J/Cappuccino will hopefully include an Object class that will fulfill this need (at least if I get off my ass and help finish it up), at which point I will remove this from the utilities.


The DelegateProxy class is meant to wrap a given delegate object and proxy all message sent to it on to the delegate object. Its key use is that it will not raise an error of any sort if you send it a message that the delegate does not understand. This makes it so that the wrapped delegate object need only implement the delegate methods it is interested in without worrying about the class using it raising any errors.