A Rails plugin for including JS and stylesheets in templates but ensuring they appear in one place.
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= Headerize

Headerize is a Rails plugin to allow including Javascript and CSS from within
your templates, but still have these appear in your HTML's <head> section (as
$DEITY intended it). It provides a set of helpers that facilitate this and can
be used in the layout (for outputting the JS and CSS includes) and templates
(for adding JS and CSS includes to the head).

== Template Tags

In your templates, you can use the two methods +add_stylesheet+ and
+add_javascript+. These are aliased to +add_stylesheets+ and +add_javascripts+
for adding multiple scripts or stylesheets, respectively. Thus, if one had a
+BooksController+ whose +show+ method needed the <tt>books.css</tt> stylesheet
and the <tt>books.js</tt> javascript file, at the top of show.html.erb, we would

 <% add_stylesheet 'books'
    add_javascript 'books %>

Or, for show.html.haml:

 - add_stylesheet 'books'
 - add_javascript 'books'

If we also needed pages.js, we could do:

 add_javascript 'books', 'pages'

== Layout Tags

In the layout, within the head, two methods will spit out the accumulated
stylesheets for this view: +stylesheet_links+ and +javascript_includes+. So, the
layout for the above might have:

     <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
     <%= javascript_includes %>

     <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'application' %>
     <%= stylesheet_links %>


The returned strings are indented by four spaces by default. This can be
modified by passing an indentation level:

         <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
         <%= javascript_includes(:indent => 8) %>

         <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'application' %>
         <%= stylesheet_links(:indent => 8) %>


== Extra Options

Stylesheet tags can carry a media type other than screen -- for example, for
print media. The +add_stylesheet+ method supports this out of the box. In fact,
invoking +add_stylesheet+ is exactly like invoking +stylesheet_link_tag+, only
it will be included elsewhere. Thus, you can add the :media option to the end of
the method:

 <% add_stylesheets 'print', 'more_print', :media => 'print' %>

The same is true of +add_javascript+. This means that, if you want to use Rails
2.1's caching, you can do this, too:

 <% add_javascripts 'books', 'pages', :cache => true %>

== License and Such

Headerize is Copyright (c) 2008 Antonio Salazar Cardozo, released under the MIT