Demo of using CanBind to provide support for Future and LAFuture bindings in Lift CSS selector transforms
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Lift Future CanBind Example

An example that shows just how easy it is to provide support for different right-hand-sides for Lift CSS selector transforms. Here we combine that with Lift's lazy-load snippet to make it so you can have a Scala Future or a Lift LAFuture on the right hand side of a CSS selector transform. In these cases, we will send the page down and when the future completes its value will be used to render whatever depends on it.

All of the code to do this is in the FutureBinds.scala file. Importing FutureBinds._ will provide the aforementioned support. The demo app's bindings are in HelloWorld.scala, and demonstrte both LAFuture and Future use.

30 LOC. Man I love this framework.