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A library for fast specs-based acceptance testing using narwhal, WebKit, and JSpec.
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narwhal-specs is a library used in conjunction with narwhal-jsc's ability to run with a WebKit browser view instance to implement acceptance tests without needing a browser running. On Mac OS X, this makes the tests effectively headless.

Tests run fast on WebKit and JavaScriptCore, and the system is built on JSpec.

Installation and Running

Currently narwhal-specs is experimental and requires a fork of narwhal-jsc that adds a few capabilities to the narwhal-jsc narwhal-webkit-debug mode. See for that repository. It is intended that the expansions to narwhal-jsc instead move into their own project that is built separately, but regardless there will, for now, be a compiled component.

That said, "installation" is not really installation yet -- instead, you set up narwhal-jsc and run narwhal-specs with it.

$ git clone git:// narwhal
$ cd narwhal/engines
$ git clone git:// jsc
$ cd jsc
$ make
$ cd ../../../
$ git clone git://
$ cd narwhal-specs
$ ./narwhal-specs my/test/path.js
$ ../narwhal/engines/jsc/bin/narwhal-webkit-debug narwhal-specs.js my/test/path.js

Where my/test/path.js is a path to your tests.

The narwhal-specs script checks for one of two things:

  • If narwhal-webkit-debug is on your PATH, it runs that.
  • If not, it assumes narwhal-webkit-debug is at ../narwhal/engines/jsc/bin/narwhal-webkit-debug.


narwhal-specs is essentially a package with two useful libraries (jQuery and JSpec) plus a set of helper functions to facilitate acceptance testing. Here is a quick list of useful functions:

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