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Provide easy interaction with running sbt instance. Requires pointy-haired-boss.tmbundle.
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This bundle is meant to provide easy interactions with an in-editor running sbt instance. It provides a set of sbt equivalent commands within vico, and some shortcut mappings to control it.

It uses pointy-haired-boss.tmbundle, which provides the underlying implementation for running a process in a vico buffer.

Things Implemented

  • sbt jetty-run, jetty-stop, jetty-restart, prepare-webapp -- These run their equivalents in sbt. The first one will create a new buffer in a new tab that will contain the sbt output.
  • A variety of normal-mode shortcuts to run the above:

    • ,sj -- jetty-run
    • ,ss -- jetty-stop
    • ,sp -- prepare-webapp
    • ,sr -- jetty-restart

    sp and sr can be preceded by an r (,rsr, ,rsp) to run the continuous version (~prepare-webapp, ~jetty-restart).

  • The default path of the sbt binary is /usr/local/bin/sbt; however, you can change this by setting up the SBT_PATH environment variable. I use it to point to the JRebel version of my sbt.


More to come. Ideally, it'd be nice to make :sbt just pass that command over to sbt. Also, syntax highlighting for the sbt buffer and a couple of other things would be nice.


This bundle is provided under the terms of the MIT License. See the LICENSE file in this same directory.


This bundle is copyright me, Antonio Salazar Cardozo, and licensed under the terms of the MIT license. No warranties are made, express or implied. See the LICENSE file in this same directory for more details.

I have a rather sporadically updated blog at

I am the Chief Software Engineer at OpenStudy (; we're working on making the world one big study group.

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