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A new way to do tutorial blogging—with git!
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Sophocles is a re-imagining of our approach to writing tutorial blogs. Typically, we see text interspersed with code. It can be hard to focus on the changes, sometimes, or to see them out of context. With Sophocles, I realized that git was an ideal tool for describing sets of changes. With some small adjustments to how we use git itself, we can make the elements of a set of git commits a tutorial.

When using Sophocles, every commit is one “step” in your tutorial. The changes in the commit are the changes for that step, and the commit message is the description of what those changes do. Sophocles then formats these in a way that is easy to read.

Sophocles is a Node.js application. The intent is for it to be easily deployed to heroku so anyone can run a Sophocles blog. Not quite there yet, but work is ongoing in my spare time!


Sophocles is provided under the terms of the MIT License. See the LICENSE file in this same directory.


Sophocles is copyright me, Antonio Salazar Cardozo, and licensed uner the terms of the MIT License. No warranties are made, express or implied. See the LICENSE file in this same directory for more details.

I have a rather sporadically updated blog at

I am the Chief Software Engineer at OpenStudy, where we're working on changing the face of education as we know it using Scala, Lift, and a variety of other tools.

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