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In-browser peer-to-peer file transfer and streaming made easy
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Build Status

A browser based peer-to-peer file transfer platform. It is running at

What is uses WebRTC technology to enable peer-to-peer file transfers between two browser without any server interaction. This repository holds the sources to run the frontend. You will need an ICE and a peering server to run this project. You can find the peering server here

Note: Unfortunately the domain and the peering server source code are unavailable.


  • Find replacement for peerjs
  • Fix tests errors
  • Update all dependencies


You can set some options in the config/config.{NODE_ENV}.js. Have a look into the to get an overview over the available options

Note: NODE_ENV defaults to production.

Running locally

cd reepio
yarn build
yarn start

The build script is run every time something has changed inside the src folder.

You can now access the site by visiting

Running with Vagrant

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd reepio
yarn build
yarn start

You can now access the site by visiting

Running Unit-Tests

You will have to run the end-to-end unit tests on your local machine, as the vagrant box has no gui or browser binaries.

To do so, just run the following command:

yarn test

License uses the GPL v2 license

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