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structureJS is a Javascript developent tool written in Javascript. It is a module creator and file loader. It synchronizes file/module importation. It contains a tool called the Project Manager Interface (PMI) that lets you minify and combine your entire project using only your browser.

It can do much more but listing it here would be terrible. I know, I tried.

It is designed specificallty to fit in with your existing stack and will not get in the way of any other Javascript tools or frameworks in your developement stack (AngularJS for exaple). Once you use strucreJS to organize and modularize your projects, you will never go back to the old way.

Quick 2 minute video explaining structreJS

More in-depth, Example video tutorial

Example video tutorial part II

Grouping file/modules using structureJS

Using the Project Manager Interface

For Written Documentation Hover over "Docs" Menu item

OK, maybe I should say a bit more about structureJS here:

  1. Written in pure javascript, runs in your browser (ie, no crazy ANT builds or NPM installs)
  2. Bootstrap a framework (like AngularJS or Backbone) in a single line
  3. 3kB deployment size
  4. Create reusable, configurable modules.
  5. Use modules written by structureJS community - no downloading required
  6. View & modify the structure of your app from a single manifest file
  7. Minify and combine modules, files, or entire project into a single file using only your browser. Deploy in seconds not minutes
  8. Modules passed a require() function, letting you access dependencies
  9. Only puts one variable into the global namespace (structureJS)
  10. Partially AMD compliant (works with jQuery AMD for now, more to come)
  11. Logically group files and modules. Groups can have their own, automatically resolved, dependency chain