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A silly, unfinished 2d game with novel physics
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A silly, unfinished 2d game with novel physics

A few years ago I had an idea for destructible 2D terrain (2D voxels, tesselated via a 2D decomposition of marching cubes), and thought it would make a great game. I made a lot of progress, but for various reasons, I never finished it. And with the march of progress, it no longer even compiles!

I want to correct this, and while I may not finish the game, I would like to get it running again and maybe, just maybe, make something people want to fuss with.


Right now, Surfacer does not build. Back in the day, Surfacer did build using libcinder 0.7.x, and chipmunkphysics 0.6.x, and Xcode 5.x. Modern Xcode will not accept the pre-c++0x11 malarkey, and frankly, I think it's time to update to more modern C++ syntax anyway.

When Surfacer is building, I'll include instructions.


  • destructible 2D terrain, where the player can cut pieces off the environment and use the gravity gun to reposition those pieces to cross lava, attack baddies, make a defensive wall, etc.

  • soft-body physics for jelly-like shambling enemies

  • entities "skinned" via svg

  • primitive liquid approximation via particle dynamics

  • post-processing GLSL effects for damage, etc


The gun does nothing! Attack

Maybe I can toss a boulder? Gravity Gun

How do I get past? Ropes

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