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Some Changes [1.13.1]

@ShaneBeee ShaneBeee released this
· 39 commits to master since this release
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  • Fixed some errors when NBT is invalid
  • Fixed some issues with no clip expression


  • Changed the prefix of the syntax for spawning particles. New prefix (spawn|play|lerp|draw|make). ((spawn|play) are now deprecated and will throw a warning when using. These 2 for some reason are INSANELY slow at parsing (on average 2 seconds per line), and the new ones (lerp|draw|make) are MUCH faster (on average 0.05 seconds))
  • Added support for Spigot in the open sign effect. This was added to Spigot in MC 1.18.


  • Added the ability to add 2 NBT compounds together.
set {_n1} to nbt compound from "{test:1}"
set {_n2} to nbt compound from "{blah:2}"
add {_n2} to {_n1}

output = {test:1,blah:2}
This will merge the 2 compounds together. From my understanding, if you merge 2 compounds that have the same key, the latter will overwrite the former.

  • Added a new expression for getting the NBT type of a tag
set {_t} to tag type of tag "blah" of {_n}
  • Added support to delete a saved structure file.